This resource guide is a road map for mitigating risk in service-learning placements. Throughout the research process, and now in the text of this guide, the philosophical goal of creating thoughtful, meaningful, and positive learning experiences for CSU students and community members has been at the forefront. While risk mitigation does not always seem to be the most rewarding way to spend faculty, staff or community-based organization time when developing a service-learning course, it does prepare all parties to handle any accident or incident that may occur within any given placement. Following the risk mitigation procedures outlined in this guide serves to teach students potential protocols they will need in their chosen career path and personal lives. By taking this proactive step to examine the way the CSU deals with risk mitigation in service learning, the CSU continues to be at the forefront of the national service-learning field.

This resource will be continually updated and include new questions and responses from CSU service-learning staff, faculty, campus risk managers and learning sites. A collection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is also available on the CSU Center for Community Engagement’s (CCE) website. If you have questions about how to incorporate these processes into your current operations, please feel free to contact the campus risk manager, or staff in the Office of the Chancellor (CCE or Office of Risk Management and Public Safety). CCE staff can be reached at (562) 951-4749 or and Risk Management at (562) 951-4580.