This series supports California State University's (CSU) efforts to provide practical risk mitigation strategies. The series is and continues to be the definition of a collective effort among CSU faculty, campus program staff, risk managers, students, and our organizational partners on creating and developing positive out-of-classroom learning experiences for all CSU students. 

Each volume in the series will be organized around a specific off-campus academic learning experience - service learning, other forms of curricular community-engaged learning, academic internships, field trips, and professional field placements. Every volume will provide perspective and guidance from campus program staff, faculty and risk managers, who have worked with colleagues in the Office of the Chancellor to understand risk mitigation issues related to the placement of students and purposeful approaches to addressing them.,

Volumes in this series

  • Volume 1a
    Service Learning

    Volume 1a: a resource guide primarily for service-learning faculty and service: learning/community engagement staff on CSU campuses. The 2021 edition includes a new section on student rights, and an update to the student participation guidelines. It also highlights "voices from the field," sharing the successful work of campuses including the CalState S4 database. Three at-a-glance documents — one for faculty, one for campus service-learning staff, and one for campus risk managers — provide a snapshot of essential practices that support both the mitigation of risk and the creation of positive service-learning experiences when implemented.

  • Volume 1b
    Curricular Community Engaged Learning

    Volume 1b will focus on risk mitigation for course-based community service experiences characterized by reciprocal partnerships that enhance student understanding, the outcomes of which benefit the common good.

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  • Volume 2
    Academic Internships

    Volume two of the Series will focus on providing the necessary steps in maintaining existing and creating new academic internship opportunities while appropriately mitigating associated risks. Considering numerous perspectives, this resource guide is intended to represent a commonsense and reasonable approach. 

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