Campus Risk Mitigation Plan

The tools and strategies developed in this volume are the result of nearly 25 years of practical experience across the CSU in implementing risk mitigation practices and procedures for service learning. These guidelines have been designed to provide a consistent approach within the CSU regarding several key risk mitigation components.

Because leadership and staffing changes frequently occur, campuses should develop/update and document their campus risk mitigation process for service-learning. Things to consider in the development and documentation of your campus’ procedures:

  • Determine if your campus has an existing risk mitigation policy for service learning that meets the requirements of the systemwide executive order This link will take you to an external website in a new tab..
  • Who is involved in its development and management?
  • Is the policy current? How often is it reviewed?
  • Do your campus implementation practices meet the existing policy? Are these practices flexible?
  • Are there components of the policy that need to be revisited?