CalState S4

Campuses are encouraged to consider utilizing CalState S4 which fully integrates the CSU’s risk mitigation process.

CalState S4 is a user-friendly interface that supports the tracking and management of students' off-campus academic learning experiences. These experiences include service learning, academic internships, and professional field placements (e.g., social work, teacher credential, other health and human service programs). CalState S4 fully integrates the CSU’s recommended risk assessment process and forms throughout the platform, allowing staff the ability to add or update information with just the click of a few buttons. CalState S4’s flexible forms functionality enables multiple campus programs to not only share documents across departments, such as university-agency agreements but also to customize forms that are program unique. Its time tracking feature ensures students have a hassle-free way to report their placement hours while also giving site supervisors a login-free, and secure method for verifying student time. With an intentional focus on gathering meaningful data, CalState S4 provides robust reporting on course enrollment, student placements, and program sites. Staff can export reports to perform extensive program analysis and inform future decision-making. Learn more about CalState S4.